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Spanish Test Online

Spanish Test

Test your Spanish knowledge with our online tool. Test your Spanish level and come to learn Spanish with don Quijote Spanish Schools!

The online Spanish test from don Quijote consist of 50 questions divided into 6 levels from beginner to advanced.

The questions are primarily based on grammar competency. We understand that this is not the only parameter to count when we evaluate language proficiency, but to have a written or oral test in this format is not possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Select the correct answer that appears in each sentence and by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page you will see your results. There is also an explanation given for the sentences that are incorrect.

Los domingos de Juan

Juan doce años y en Madrid.

mucho jugar al fútbol y todos los domingos se levanta a las ocho para ir a jugar.

con su camisa y su pantalón negro y se va.

un campo de fútbol Parque del Retiro.

campo está muy lejos de la casa de padres y siempre va en coche.

A Juan no le gusta ir en metro porque dice que vale dinero.

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