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Spanish Verbs Conjugator

Welcome to the Spanish Verb Conjugator! Write a verb in the space above, and you'll see all the tenses and their forms of that verb. With this you can check if the present tense is irregular, or what happens with accents in different tenses etc... In this way you can improve your written - and spoken - accuracy, removing any doubts about how Spanish's most common verbs are constructed. 


You must write the infinitive of the verb in the box: Remember they always have the endings -ar, -er or -ir (like "andar", "beber" and "dormir")

As you may have noticed, it is difficult to find all the accents and additional letters on a non-Spanish keyboard... so when you want to write an í please type in  i!, and similarly an n! for ñ.

Spanish verbs selected this week

Selected Verbs of the Week

Topic: Campo semántico de DISPERSAR

No lo tengo claro, creo que estoy disperso... parece que se disocian los sonidos y las palabras escritas. Es muy extraño.

Dispersar (To scatter)
Separar (To separate)
Diseminar (To spread)
Esparcir (To strew)
Difundir (To issue)
Disgregar (To break up)
Disociar (To dissociate)