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Alicante Travel Guide

Alicante Travel Guide

Alicante City

Alicante city is located on the Eastern coast of Spain bordering with the provinces of Murcia on the south, Albacete on the west and Valencia up north. Take a look at this Alicante map to see where this beautiful place lies!

Read our Alicante travel guide and be sure this is the perfect spot to go if you want to have fun – parties, all night discos and festivals -, where you will be able to get some sunshine all year round and can do your sightseeing such as visiting some of our castles if you wish. If all this isn't enough, Alicante beaches are known for its clear blue sea, white sand and awesome nightlife.

There are plenty of activities to do throughout the year, not just in the warm and summery Alicante weather. Check out our Alicante guide and find them!

Come to Alicante and enjoy a place where the sand looks infinite… and so does the entertainment. This is not only a culturally rich city immersed in history, but also a lively and dynamic contemporary location with plenty of shops and restaurants for all tastes.

A brief tour of Alicante

Let's go and do a bit of Alicante travel. The first place to visit is the gorgeous beachfront by the harbour, then along the main pedestrian walkway, the "Explanada de España", a stunning promenade by the sea decorated with black, red and cream marble and surrounded by beautiful palm trees nearby the street shops and cafes. This is a striking place where you can enjoy an outdoor seafront concert in the balmy summery Sunday mornings and bank holidays.

Touring towards the center, northwest of the "Explanada", we can find the impressive Cathedral of Saint Nicholas surrounded by the narrow streets of the old quarter of "El Barro", where the best nightlife and some of the cheapest accommodation can be found. Walking towards the southwest by "Calle de Italia" we bump into the main tourist information and post offices as well as the central bus and train stations of Alicante city.