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Food & Drinks

Catalan cuisine defies summarizing withfew typical dishes. Dishes with deep-rooted country origins, from the humble escudella to the rich and varied seafood cuisine, from grilled fish to excellent suquet de peix can be sampled in Barcelona. There are also many different ways to prepare codfish, an ample repertoire of fowl and game, including rabbit with snails, Catalan-style partridge or boar, and numerous specialties from the Ampurdan region, such as duck with pears, chicken with shrimp or lobster, etc. Finally, we must not forgot dishes using duck and goose as their main ingredient, as well as snail and mushrooms.

Desserts are also varied and are not limited to the most typical ones, such as crema catalana (custard with a carmel crust) and mel i mató (cottage cheese and honey).

Catalunya is a land of good wines, particularly the wines from Penedès, Costers del Segre, Alella and Perelada. Penedès is the region par-excellence of the sparkling wine called cava.