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Estepona Travel Guide

Estepona Travel Guide

Estepona, Spain

Placed on the Western Coast, it is one of few cities that support a traditional distintion. Though the city is placed in the first line of coast, most of its territory is inside Bermeja Saw. The natural beauty of the saw and the presence of a forest of Spanish firs in the highest zone has done that the Meeting of Andalusia declarated de zone a Natural Place. In Estepona's history Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs mix, being in the Arabic epoch when there arises the nucleus of current population.

The city has turned into a tourist very important center thanks to its magnificent beaches and for the quantity of facilities and qualities services that it offers. The more prominent monument is the Church of the Virgin of the Remedies (s. XVIII), others are the Tower of the Clock and diverse houses or lordly palaces, as that of the Marquess of Mondéjar. One possesses besides several archaeological deposits of the Roman epoch. In what concerns the sports paragraph, one possesses a marvellous sports port, where is posible realize nautical sports. It offers the posibility of realizing golf.

Estepona is also well worth a visit during one of its many festivals. The Fiestas here are numerous and each one is celebrated with the vigour that is synonymous with Andalucia. The main Fiesta is the Feria, which takes place in the middle of August.