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Shopping in Granada

The important handicraft traditions in Granada include ceramics, wrought iron, cloth, leather, and musical instruments. Moorish influence can be found in many of them, such as marquetry, decorating of furniture and wooden objects with precious inlaid woods; metalworking, such as wrought iron or repoussé designs in copper; wrought iron lanterns, lamps, metal grating, and grille work.

The glazed ceramic from Granada is called Fajalauza. The name is derived the Place where the potters settled near the gateway of the same name in the Albaicín.

Master guitar-makers of Granada have received international acclaim. The making of castanets has also become an important tradition. Leather craftsman continue working with embossed or polychrome leathers to make decorative objects, purses, etc. In the Alcaicería, as well as on the Calle of Zacatín (near the Cathedral), ceramics, copper, embossed leather, wrought iron and other souvenirs can be purchased. The Community Activities Center (Ccentro de Actividades Comunitarias) of Albaicín also has handicrafts for sale.

The majority of fashionable clothing shops can be found in the vecinity of the Cathedral and in the areas surrounding Puerta Real, Carrera de la Virgen, Recogidas, Acera del Carro, and Pedro Antonio de Alarcón. Antique shops can be found on the Calle Elvira and the Cuesta de Gomérez.

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