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The Weather

Granada Weather

Weather in Granada today Monday, December 18, 2017

News about the weather

Warm Summers

Sunny almost every day from June to September, virtually no rain. July and August are very hot. The burning power of the sun is deceptive in the highlands. Daily highs up to 30C and nightly lows down to 8C. Shirt sleeve weather in the days but perhaps a pull-over in the evenings.

Cool Winters

Mixture of beautiful clear, sunny winter days with overcast but cool days. Evenings noticibly much colder after the sun sets. First rains are late September or early October, can be heavy but rarely last more than a day or two. Daily highs of about 20C and nightly lows that reach down to freezing. Pullover or jacket in the day, warm coat in the evening. Room heating required.

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