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Guanajuato Travel Guide

Guanajuato Spas & Springs


State on Mexico’s high plateau where valleys alternate with mountain ranges. It also has an extensive network of rivers and lakes.
Springs and spas are to be found over a large part of this territory, with its temperate climate that turns hot in the spring months, before the arrival of the rainy season.

Los Tanques and La Granja, located in San Francisco del Rincón. Spas with medicinal properties. A bit further on, in the direction of Purísima de Bustos, are Los Girasoles, which is simple but clean and well equipped, and Los Carrizales, with two pools, a wading pool, restaurant-bar, games for children and green areas. El Paraíso is in Irapuato, south of Silao and Guanajuato, on the turnoff to Salamanca. Near the city of strawberries, as Irapuato is called, 2 km from the town of Aldama, is Las Tinajas, where a cascade forms little natural pools.
Acámbaro offers us its thermal spas, Aguacaliente and Obrajuelo. To the southeast of this last town is Ojo de Agua de Tarandácuao.

Spas and Springs