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Madrid Travel Guide

Other Areas and places of Interest

Salamanca District
From the Puerta de Alcalá towards the North, extending up the Calle Serrano and surrounding the adjacent streets, there is an elegant, stately neighborhood which was one of the areas of growth in the city during the 19th century. The grid-like design of this district was the initiative of the Marquess of Salamanca. Many of the mansions and structures erected during the past century have given way to other taller ones, but the district has retained much of its former grandeur. Today it is an area of intense and select commercial activity, where a large number of the art galleries in Madrid are concentrated, along with numerous prestigious shops selling fashions, accessories, jewelry and furniture.
Metro: Plaza de la Independencia

Gothic Quarter
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Madrid del 2 de Mayo
This is a large area near the Glorieta de Alonso Martínez, which borders the Gran Vía and Calle San Bernardo. It is also a busy area where old cafés, bars, discotheques and other nighttime diversions abound. Interesting Baroque churches, such as San Antonio de los Alemanes on the Calle Correderra Baja de San Pablo, the Museo Municipal (63) (Municipal Museum) on the Calle Fuencarral, the Museo Románico (64) (Museum of the Romantic Period) on the Calle San Mateo, along with the nooks and corners, evoke the 1808 uprising in Madrid against Napoleon's troops, immortalized by Goya.
Metro: Glorieta de Bilbao

Puente de Segovia
Bridge of Segovia (65), this is the oldest bridge in the city which spans the Manzanares river, situated at the end of the Calle Segovia. It was built by Juan de Herrera at the end of the 16th century. It deserves a visit just to enjoy the view of the Royal Palace and gardens.
Metro: Puerta del Ángel

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