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Festivals and Celebrations in Marbella


San BernabeA fair held in honor of the Patron Saint of the city, Saint Bernabé, held in the week surrounding the 11th of June and that commemorated the conquest of the city by the Catholic Kings in the year 1485.

During this week the residents and visitors enjoy all the enchantment an Andalusian charm of one of the most implanted Fairs on the Costa del Sol. During the day, the Old Town and the Alameda Park are an obliged meeting point for the multitudes (mostly wearing typical dress) who stroll around the streets, enjoying "tapas", drinking, singing and dancing non stop. Once night falls, the fun continues at the Fair Ground until early hours of the morning. The "casetas", the "rides", the concerts and many other offers that are available close each of the days that make up this traditional and picturesque fair.


In the same way as the previous, the San Pedro fair is held on the week surrounding the 19th of October, the day of the Patron Saint.

The central streets of San Pedro are adorned to receive the visitors who come from all over the province and the whole country, addicted to this fiesta, the tradition of which surpassed the Municipal boundaries. The day fair and the night fair (at the Fair Ground) are proof of the good will and color offered by the people of San Pedro to all those who visit her.


This fiesta is a tradition among the fishermen in which the people of Marbella have participated for many years and which finishes on the 16th of July, (the Festivity of the Virgin). One week before the 16th, a mass is held in the Chapel in the Fishing Port and the choir from the participating brotherhood sings. In this Chapel are the statues of the Virgin of the City and the Virgin of the Seas, who are taken out every year for this celebration and taken to an underwater cave some 12 meters deep in front of the Mine Posts on the El Cable beach. At the end of the act a Gold Anchor is awarded to the eldest retired fisherman. On the 16th a sea faring procession is held in which the Virgin of the Seas leaves the Fishing Port to go to Puerto Banus and then return to the Fishing Port. Numerous boats, all done up for the occasion, always accompany the Virgin. Later in the afternoon the procession is once again brought to land and the Virgin is returned to the Chapel until the next year.


During this hundred year old traditional fiesta, the romeros (participants) go by foot to the "Cruz de Juanar" situated in the middle of the Sierra Blanca Mountain. Held on the 3rd of May.


Within the selection of Patron Saint Festivities, (held in June), we find this traditional Romeria. The "romeros" travel by ox driven carts, horses and carriages or walking… to good food, wine, dancing and all the signs of hospitality offered by the people of Marbella on such a special day.


Held on the 1st of November, this is a very traditional party in the City of Marbella, and is the perfect excuse to go out into the countryside with family and friends. It is fundamental that all take chestnuts along to later roast them. Lately young people have started to participate in large numbers, normally taking tents and sleeping at the site the night before. Local Police, Municipal Services and Civil Protection make sure that all is safe and that the party, that takes place in different parts of the Municipality, comes to a good end.