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Marbella Travel Guide

Nightlife in Marbella

You must have visited Marbella yourself in order to be able to imagine how much nightlife can take place in such a small location.

During summer season you'll find here all the Rich and Famous and Beautiful, and even if, as a "normal" visitor, one is excluded of their private parties, you may enjoy seeing their luxury yachts and cars. And perhaps, in one of the discotheques of the better hotels, you will be elbow to elbow with a filmstar or another prominent personage. Anyhow, everyonewill get entertained here…

In Puerto Banus you will find exactly the ambience you might have thought before that existed only in cinema. And if you dispose of the banking-account of an Arabian oil-sheik, the many night-bars and the Casino offer 1001 ways to decrease it considerably.

In the center of town you may enjoy of the contrast between the structures of international top tourism with the ambience of a small Spanish town. On Plaza de los Naranjos and in the narrow streets close to it there are beautiful summer-terraces, very often with the additional attraction of performances by international top bands.

A Quiet Night Out

For enjoying the first drink of the evening and chatting with friends, the city has a huge number of pubs and bars to offer, many of which are open till the wee hours of the morning. In the old section of town you'll find The Tavern, an English-style pub where the beer is the star attraction; downtown you'll find Gauguin, if you like hot rhythms and cool drinks, or Frank's Corner if you prefer playing pool and having a beer with some of the many Brits who hang out here. Do you feel like catching a movie? In Gran Marbella Cinema there are seven theatres to choose from.

Dance Until Dawn

The true nightlife scene is at Puerto Banús, so drop everything, throw on your party clothes, and have fun. The streets around the piers are full of terraces, bars, and pubs for every taste and style. For lovers of Spanish pop rock, El Boss is a great choice--its fun atmosphere mkes it a perfect place for having the first drinks of the evening.

Although you may not be one of the thousands of people who love Irish taverns, O'Gradys might still be what you're looking for. Have a dark or light Guinness; its just a question of taste. Are you getting into the spirit of things? Good, then now you're ready to check out La Comedia; order a mixed drink at the bar and take the first few dance steps of the night to the rhythm of the latest hits. And, in the Plaza del Puerto--right down the stairs--you'll find the dance club Scream for those who want to party till dawn: hip hop, techno, dance, trance - and all the latest "avant-garde" beats.

Different Nights

Have you ever played French Roulette? Don't miss the opportunity to do it in the wonderful Casino, where fun is a sure bet, but just don't spend too much, because the night is still young and once the clock strikes twelve, the Flamenco show begins in the Tablao Ana María.

If Flamenco is not your thing and you're more into other types of music--and other types of fun--spend an unforgettable night in the best dance club on the Costa del Sol, run by the famous Olivia Valere. In this 'dance palace' you'll see a bunch of famous faces--from the tabloid world mainly--, beautiful people, and a luxurious atmosphere. And close to the waters edge you'll find another hot dance club, Oh! Marbella, that offers live shows and different DJs every weekend, so you never get bored with the dancing. The place fills with night owls, dancing, and international music until the early morning. Also, in the Milla de Oro (Golden Mile) there is quite a bit of nightlife; here you'll find Key Boite, where the champagne and cava are the official drinks.