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Oaxaca Travel Guide

Oaxaca Travel Guide

Oaxaca, Mexico

If you're looking for a taste of "The Real Mexico," you've come to the right place! Oaxaca is home to many archaeological sites, natural wonders, majestic colonial architecture and original local art, which has gained quite a loyal following due to its ingenuity and intricate design. Oaxaca also boasts regional food and drink renowned the world over.

Our webiste offers Oaxaca information to help make your stay the experience of a lifetime. It covers a broad range of topics, starting with the history of Oaxaca, its Zapotec civilization, and the geography and weather of the region.

Visitors looking for Oaxaca festival dates to help plan their itinerary will also find something here. Oaxaca never runs out of celebrations and festivities, such as the Guelaguetza, the Night of the Radishes and the Day of the Dead.

To ensure your comfort and safety, we also include useful travel tips such as information on the necessary travel documents for travel to Mexico, as well as accommodation options and telephone numbers.

Planning a trip can also be quite overwhelming so this site has included some suggestions on what to do and where to go in Oaxaca. Visitors are encouraged to check out some not-to-be-missed places in the city such as the Zocalo and the History City Center, the many churches and temples, as well as the museums, art galleries, parks and gardens.

Oaxaca is in a great location to take excursions like archeology trips, go top beaches like Puerto Escondido, or experience the region's ecotourism.

But that's not all! Keep exploring this site to read about sports in Oaxaca, shopping destinations, pottery, nightlife and the traditional food and drink in the region. With all this information at your fingertips, you will surely have a grand time in the wonderful city of Oaxaca.