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Riviera Maya Jazz Festival

Iraida Noruega
Iraida Noruega

Right at the heart of one of world's most beautiful and popular tourist destinations, Playa del Carmen celebrates the Latin Jazz Festival for three to four days each year. Combining the soothing sounds of jazz with the blissful setting of the Caribbean, this event is widely celebrated as it welcomes major national and international jazz musicians and fans.

People who come to revel in the Latin Jazz Festival get to experience a combination of jazz genres in a festive ambience that will stir their emotions and will leave them asking for more. The Latin Jazz Festival commands a lively assortment of entertainment from top local and international musicians; in the past, such artists as Iraida Noriega, Magos Herrera, Mint Condition, and many others have performed. It showcases different talents and music styles, all which an inclination towards Latin jazz. Because it has maintained a following that has continually grown over time, the event gets better every year and constantly excedes the expectations of the event organizers, musicians and audience.