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The Weather

Castilla y León Weather

Weather in Salamanca today Monday, December 18, 2017

News about the weather

Most of Spain enjoys good warm weather throughout a long summer - from late April to late September. During this "high" season the temperature in Salamanca can reach 40 degrees or even higher, but it is more usually no higher than 35 degrees. The average daytime temperature is between 25 and 30 degrees. In July and August you won't want to be far from a pool, river or a cool drink.

Spring and Autumn are good times to visit Salamanca. The weather is generally reliably warm (about 20 degrees as a rough indication) and sunny. Salamanca enjoys a lot of sun and very little rain (except in the North - not on the plain, as the song wrongly says).

Winter - from November to early March can be very cold. However, neither city gets much freezing weather. A sunny day with 7 degrees would be a cold Winter day.

Here we have the average temperatures in each month in Salamanca capital: