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The Elysian Fields

Homer, the great poet of Ancient Greece, tells about the Elysian Fields in his "Odyssey". Pindar also wrote about the "Islands of the Blest", and Virgil mentions them in the epic poem Aeneid.

The Elysian Fields are at the ends of the world. The souls of heros and virtuous people go there after death.

"Men lead there an easier life than any where else in the world, for in Elysium there falls not rain, nor hail, nor snow, but Oceanus breathes ever with a West wind that sings softly from the sea, and gives fresh life to all men...."

(Homer, Odissey, book III)

The Elysium was governed by Rhadamanthus, son of Zeus and Europa and brother of Minos, King of Crete.

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