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Tenerife Travel Guide

Tenerife's Nightlife

Casino Taoro (built in 1892) is a must for everybody. The atmosphere there is sophisticated and men are expected to wear a jacket. At the Casino you can win a jackpot of five million pesetas with only one hundred pesetas! It is just as likely as getting seven right in the Finnish lotto.

Inside the restaurant fine food in grand surroundings is served. The bar is famous for its drinks.

You will remember for a long time the taste of cocktail Taoro.

Perhaps the best known restaurant with dancing facilities in Puerto is Café de Paris at Avenida de Colónilla. Another always popular venue is Caballo Blanco at San Telmo. And the third venue of eternal popularity is Zhivago at Puerto Viejo. A newcomer is the bar of the hotel Noelia Playa at Avenida de Hermanos Fernandez Perdigon near Playa Jardin beach. The atmosphere there is very relaxed. Stop by! The most stylish venue is perhaps El Coto in hotel Botánico.

The young and young minded fill the discos at about midnight. The bailando goes on till the early hours of morning. The most popular discos are Victoria (over 30 years old!), Avenida de Colón, Joy, Calle Obispo Pérez Cáceras and Concordia Club, Avenida de Venezuela. In Los Realjos is the disco Coco-Loco of hotel Maritim; in La Paz disco Qatar.

A very cosy evening can be spent in some of the numerous English pubs. Of course, they are crowded with English people but other nationalities are welcome as well. There are no dance floors in the pubs but many night improvised dances are still arranged, great fun! (I have danced several ladies to the verge of fainting). Unlike in the local bars, in a pub you must pay your drink when you get it.

There is one really gloomy English pub in Puerto: The Tavern near hotel Bambi. Have a look!