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Tenerife Black Pyramids

Yes, it's official - Tenerife has it's own pyramids! But how did they come to be built in Tenerife? The favourite theory is that they are step pyramids similar to those found in Peru and Mexico. World famous explorer and author (and Tenerife resident) Thor Heyerdahl is currently involved in setting up a Pyramid Park and research centre to investigate these strange formations.

Then there are the killjoys who say that the pyramids are nothing more than piles of stones, cleared away by local farmers, which have simply built up over time to vaguely resemble pyramids! Why not pop along to the pyramids at Guimar in south Tenerife and have a look and decide for youself. Mysteries of an ancient civilisation or a farmers' rubbish pile? We know which theory we like (and it's not the farming one).