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Tenerife Travel Guide

Tenerife's Restaurants: Eating out in Tenerife: "Los guachinches"

Of all Tenerife attractions, its traditional cooking is one which is still little known to the visitor. There are so many good restaurants with international cuisine in the tourist areas that simple island cooking based on fresh local produce (excellent fish, meat, vegetables and fruit) becomes difficul to find.

For the first course mixed vegetable stews and fish casseroles, both accompanied, if one wishes, by the traditional toasted Canary flour: (El Golfo) and chickpea dishes are the most typical.

The most apprecited fish is an island species, "la vieja", which has fine white meat like the sama and the cherne. The sardine and the chicharro are among the most popular fresh water fish. The king of the meat is undoubtedly pork, one of the most requested dished being pickled pork, here called "festival meat" and also "conejo en salmorejo" served mainly in the countryside.

The "papas arrugadas" with green or red garlic sauce stand out above the rest as a side dish. The small and buttery potatoes that the island produces, have an extraordinary flavour and by themselves are a delicious dish.

The young wines of the north of the island of Tacoronte-Acentejo origin are an excellent accompaniment to Tenerife cuisine.

A good way of tasting the traditional dishes with a glass of the local wine is to follow the island custom and visit the "Guachinches". These are typical establishments to whish the people of Tenerife flock like pilgrims at the weekend. Most of the Guachinches are found along the roads in the regions of Geneto, la Esperanza, Tacoronte and Acentejo on the outskirts of La Laguna.