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Tenerife Travel Guide

Shopping in Tenerife

Tenerife, as well as the other Canary Islands, is partly tax free area. So the prices for tobacco, spirits and perfumes are cheaper there than on the average in EU countries. Travellers returning from the Canary Islands are treated at the customs like travellers from outside the European Union.

In Santa Cruz de Tenerife, most of these shops are located in the streets: Villalba Hervás, El Castillo, doctor Allart, Bethencourt Alfonso and San José as well as in the surrounding of Plaza de España and Plaza de la Candelaria. They usually have a morning and afternoon timetable.

There is a vast variety of cheap electronics on offer. I'm not sure about the quality but the brands are partly the same as in others countries. Mobile phones are astonishingly inexpensive. Whether they function in other countries or not I have no way of knowing. The prices of the Finnish Nokia gsm phones start from Ptas 10.000! CD-players, car stereos and cameras are worth a closer inspection. The variety of watches is endless. Even the handsome Camel watches are real bargains.

It is safer to buy the perfumes at your home airport when leaving for Tenerife or in the plane. Perfumes at attractive prices are of course sold in Puerto too but one can't always be totally sure of their origin.

There are several "tax free" shops at the Reina Sofia airport but the prices there are much higher than in Puerto de la Cruz or Santa Cruz. A beer in the airport bar costs twice as much as in a bar in Puerto.