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Valencia Travel Guide

Valencia Photos

Jardín Botánico

Jardín Botánico:

The Botanic Garden of the Georg-August-University at Göttingen has developed from the Old Botanic Garden, founded by Albrecht von Haller in 1736. Today the garden comprises two departments: The Old Botanic Garden (Systematical Department) and the Neuer Botanischer Garten (Geobotanical Deparment).

Valencia Beaches:

A specified high quality of sea-water,no release of industrial or other waste water in the area, regular beach cleaning, sufficient litter bins to maintain the beach clean, an emergency plan for pollution accidents etc...
Serrano Towers

Serranos Tower:

Constructed by Pere Balaguer in the 14th century, these impressive towers once formed part of the defensive walls of the city. They now contain the Maritime Museum.