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Valencia Travel Guide

Valencia's Nightlife

The province of Valencia is famous for its discotheques, where the music plays until dawn. They are situated on the outskirts of the city and on the Valencia - Cullera road, crossing numerous residential estates and beaches. A lot of bars and clubs are situated in 'Calle Juan Llorens'. Friday's and Saturday's are naturally the busiest days, with many people out. The atmosphere is always lively and usually rather hot too! It is a 'must do' - to go out after dining at El Carme and or perhaps before you visit la Floridita down by the beach.

If you're in Spain around March 12th and need some good reasons to travel to Valencia, Las Fallas is about the best one. Between the 12th and 19th of March, the people of Valencia block traffic with towering sculptured statues that artisans have spent the past year making. All day and night, crowds of locals and foreigners fill the streets and the sounds of exploding firecrackers and fireworks fill the air. If firecrackers scare you, it's always wise to be careful, but within a few hours of the explosions, you'll probably find that you're lighting some yourself. At the end of the week, the huge statues are awarded prizes and then all are set on fire, which marks the end of Las Fallas and the beginning of spring.