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Hotels in Spain

Cheap online Hotel bookings in Spain

Before you book your hotel in Spain you should know the different accommodation types you can find here: "hotel", "hostal", "pensión" and "albergue".

The main differences between hotel and hostal are the requirements for each type of accommodation. The hotel ("hoteles" in Spanish plural) usually has to offer more space in the rooms, higher percentage of rooms with bath, bigger common spaces, independent entrance, reception, etc. The hostal (plural "hostales") is like the "inn" found in some countries like the UK. It has less requirements for its rating, but there are many hostales very clean, centrical and offering many features as the reception or TV and phone at the rooms. Usually, hostales are cheaper then hotels and may be a good option if you're looking for a less expensive lodging.

The "pensión" (plural, pensiones) are the same as hostales, but in some provinces they use the name "hostal" while in others they use pensión, a more modern name.

"Albergue" is a hostel, normally for young people, offering rooms for up to 20 people and are much cheaper than hotels. They also use to offer spaces to cook or wash clothes and organize activities for their guests like excursions or parties.