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Barcelona Map

Metro Maps

Barcelona has a modern, efficient underground system, with 5 lines, which allows you easy access to Barcelona's most famous areas.

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Bus Maps

Barcelona's bus network runs from 5am to 11pm and also offers a lower frecuency night service.

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Train Maps

Barcelona offers both a local and national train network, Catalonia Rail operates a local train service to nearby points of interest.

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Airport Info

The Airport of Barcelona is the Prat Airport, in Prat of Llobregat, 12 km outside the city. As with many other buildings in Barcelona, this airport was renovated and modernised for the Olympic Games in 1992. Ricado Bofill was leading architect.
Most scheduale flights arrive at Prat airport, while charters flights arrive at other two ones. Domestic flights from the Pont Aeri to Madrid 50 minutes. There are more than 40 daily flights both ways and tickets can be bought in machines up to 15 minutes before boarding.

Terminal A: international arrivals / exits non Spanish companies
Terminal B, C: arrivals countries UE / exits Spanish companies
Information Airport: 93 298 38 38
Ponti Aeri: 93 401 32 27
Iberia - Infoiberia: 93 401 32 82


Barcelona taxis are black with the yellow doors and a green light if they are free. There are about 8,000 cars, and many stops in the city, mainly at hotels and in tourist areas. You can pick up a taxi at a stop or on the streets.