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Summer in Buenos Aires

Summer in Buenos Aires

Find out more about the summer in Buenos Aires. You’ll have the chance to live a unique experience

Tired of the dark, cold and wet winter months? Turn the world upside down and enjoy the summer in Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires, Argentina is located in the Southern Hemisphere which enjoys a lovely summer while the whole Northern Hemisphere is experiencing the cold winter months. If you really love the summer, maybe you can have two of them one this year! The Buenos Aires climate is warm and receives little rain, ideal for the summer.

Things to do in Buenos Aires in the summer

You do not need very much money to have a great summer in Buenos Aires. To start, we recommend that you take a relaxing walk around the city center and then head to the Palermo Forests, a large park in Buenos Aires that is particularly famous for its Japanese Gardens.

On the weekend, visitors to Buenos Aires during the summer should definitely visit some of the numerous street markets of the Argentine capital. The most well known and famous is called the San Telmo market, but the others are also worth a visit.

In the Plaza Francia there is another market where you can visit many different stands or relax on the large grassy area while sipping on Yerba Mate while listening to the guitar and drum music played by friends who take advantage of the opportunity to get together on the weekends.

Near the Plaza Francia is the Recoleta Cemetery, where some of the most famous Argentine figures are buried such as the legendary Evita Peron or Carlos Gardel, a singer who helped spread tango music to the world.

During the summer in Buenos Aires, another great place to visit is the Plaza Serrano. Here, during the weekends the Plaza fills up with artisans selling their products. Curiously, many of these clothing and craft stands become bars at night!

Also in Buenos Aires in the summer, you can stroll along Puerto Madero (Madero Port). This is the most high class area of Buenos Aires where you can view magnificent views and impressive yachts.

Other things that you can do while on vacation in Buenos Aires in the summer is to visit touristic and cultural sites such as the Pink House (government building), the Obelisk of Buenos Aires or the city's cathedral.

Around Buenos Aires during the summer

Another great option to enjoy the summer in Argentina is to head to Tigre city, on the shore of the Parana River and easily accessible by train. The major attraction to the city is not the city itself but rather the artificial islands that have formed on the river delta. There are two options: the first is take a boat ride along the navigable river to take in the beautiful landscapes and the other option is to take a boat to one of the islands; where you can spend the whole day enjoying the Buenos Aires summer at one of the many summer resorts located here.

If it is not too hot outside, head to the esplanade which is often called “playa de Buenos Aires” (Buenos Aires Beach). It is not actually a beach because there is a handrail that separates visitors from the river bank, but it is a great place to relax and picnic on the grass.

If you have more time while in Buenos Aires during the summer, perhaps you could take the 400 km (248 mi) trip to Mar del Plata in public buses, called “colectivos” or “bondis” in Argentina, for 400 pesos (92US$, 70€) round trip. Mar del Plata is a famous vacation area during the summer in Argentina where many huge resorts have been built over the last years. Many Buenos Aires locals will recommend the Pinamar Resort as one of the best. Many local people also frequent the holiday resorts as club members to make use of the many different sports complexes and other facilities available.