In this section you can learn all about Argentinian culture. We will tell you more about Argentinian customs; for example how families gather to drink mate or eat asado. You can find out more about the festivals they celebrate and how they celebrate them; you can read about la fiesta quinceañera that girls have when they are 15 and what the Argentinian people do to celebrate Christmas.

You will find out more about Argentinian history; from the native population, to the colonisation of Argentina to the more recent rule under of the Perons. You will also can discover more about the origins of the Argentine people and of course you will be able to read more about one of the most famous parts of Argentine culture; the tango which is danced throughout the country but has a particularly strong following in Buenos Aires.

If you are interested in the arts then our pages on Argentinian literature and Argentinian art are definitely worth exploring. Here you will be able to find out more about some great artists like Petorruti and authors like Borges and Cortazar.

Argentina is a vast country full of exciting things to discover. Reading the following pages will help you to learn more about Argentinian society and allow you to get to know this great country a bit better. You are bound discover something about the country which will fascinate you!

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