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Argentina National Parks

Parks in Argentina

There are lots of parks in Argentina. Find out more about water parks in Argentina, the Argentinian national parks and also about the natural parks.

There are lots of parks in Argentina of many sorts. In this section you can find out more about water parks in Argentina, about the many Argentinian national parks and also about the natural parks. One of the most famous parks is the glacier national park, el Calfate, in the South which we will of course tell you about. However we will also tell you about the Argentinian theme parks so even if you aren´t a big fan of natural parks you will still find something that interests you within these pages!

For those of you who are nature lovers, Argentina will not disappoint. Its natural parks can be found throughout the length and breadth of the country. Iguazu Falls is found right at the top of Argentina on the border with Brazil. It is not only home to the spectacular waterfalls but also to some interesting species of wildlife.

Of course the national parks of the south are very different, offering somewhat chillier climes they also offer a different habitat to the wildlife that lives there. Likewise the parks in the central Pampas once again are fantastic and very different.

Even for those of you who aren't nature lovers this section still has something to offer you. You can read about the theme parks within Argentina too. For example you can read about the Aquasol water park in Mar del Plata. You can also find out about the Parque de la Costa theme park in Tigre near Buenos Aries and many others!

So whether you are seeking beauty in Argentina's national parks, or thrills in the theme parks you will be able to find something in this section that takes your fancy.