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Chilean Fashion

Chilean Fashion

Chilean Clothing. Some of Chile’s fashion designers have reintroduced traditional Chilean pattern and design into their clothing.

This section focuses on Chilean fashion, and the up and coming Chilean designers carving Chile a prestigious position on the international fashion landscape.

Chilean fashion in general is widely considered to be fairly conservative, with Chilean women not favoring overtly provocative or revealing dress, and although to some extent having adopted a more Western style of dress, it is not uncommon to find traditional Chilean clothing on the country’s streets even today. Indeed, many fashion designers have reintroduced traditional pattern and design into their clothing, or fused these ideas with more contemporary styles to bring about new vibrancy and innovation.

The country’s effort to expand its fashion market is reflective of the nation’s overall progress and creativity; Chile was host to Latin America’s first edition of the International Fashion Festival in 2014, a three day event showcasing prestigious European brands to Chilean fashion buyers and manufacturers. The potential for economic growth with the expanding of Chile’s fashion industry is substantial.

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