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There are a number of famous Chilean authors who have made Chilean literature more prominent around the world.

Two of the most famous Chilean authors won the Nobel Prize for literature; Gabriela Mistral in 1945, and Pablo Neruda in 1971. Both of these poets have had their work translated into many languages, so readers around the world can enjoy their award-winning poetry, and many visitors visit their respective hometowns, a sort of pilgrimage to these wonderful Chilean writers. In recent years Chilean poetry has gained new vigor, largely thanks to the emergence of a large number of new and innovative poets, and the works of other Chilean authors such as Sergio Badilla Castillo and Oscar Hahn continue to stand the test of time.

Among the most famous Chilean books are those written by Isabel Allende; La casa de los espiritus written in 1982 and La ciudad de las bestias from 2002 help propel this Chilean writer to international acclaim. Roberto Bolaño is often considered Chile's last great writer, especially thanks to his posthumous work 2666. 

There is a whole host of Chilean novels to enjoy; from the work of Eduardo Barrios in the early 20th century, to Antonio Skármeta, whose 2011 novel Los días del arco iris won the prestigious Premio Iberoamericano Planeta-Casa de América de Narrativa. With styles and subject matters to suit every reader, Chilean literature continues to impress.