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Costa Rica: Culture and Nature

Travel to the magical country of Costa Rica and discover why it's so famous. Enjoy Costa Rica's beautiful nature, landscapes and local traditions

Costa Rican Culture

Costa Rican culture has been influenced by its nature conservation, making it one of the best and most famous natural paradises in the world. This small country of 4.5 million habitants is located in Central America between Panama and Nicaragua. The coastline boasts magnificent beaches on the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean forming extensive parts of Costa Rica’s natural conservation areas.

Costa Rica is among the 22 oldest democracies in the world. Costa Rican customs are peaceful and the country has lacked a military since 1949, making it a world example in disarmament. Within Central America, Costa Rica ranks sixth in human development and first in touristic competitiveness.

Costa Rica Nature Conservation

Costa Rica’s revenue is largely based on ecological tourism, or ecotourism, in which tourists flock to the country to discover Costa Rican nature conservation sites and national parks. Costa Rica is one of the countries that most invests in sustainable growth and development as well as biodiversity and nature conservation. With only 0.03% of the world’s land mass, Costa Rica is home to a staggering 6% of the planet’s biodiversity including 232 species of mammals, 838 species of birds, 183 species of amphibians, 258 species of reptiles and 130 species of fresh water fish.

26% of Costa Rican territory has been dedicated to protect Costa Rican nature. The creation of protected areas and National Parks are fundamental to Costa Rica’s natural conservation. On a trip to Costa Rica a visitor can enjoy Costa Rican natural reserves with walks through thick forests filled with exotic birds.

Among Costa Rica’s nature reserves are:

Costa Rica is a prime example of how the economic development of a country goes hand in hand with the conservation and protection of its natural resources. The ecotourism to Costa Rica, largely from the United States, Canada and Europe, has aided the country in its nature conservation efforts. This tourism has also largely contributed to the development of rural areas, which have had to grow and create facilities to meet visitor demands. Tourists arrive to admire Costa Rican nature, culture and customs, all of which must be cared for to ensure on-going development.

Visit Costa Rica and learn about Costa Rican culture while enjoying the country’s vast national parks, nature, and wildlife.