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All our schools in Spain and Mexico are preparing an exciting summer season as they wait to be reopened in a few weeks. And, of course, all don Quijote schools in Costa Rica, and Ecuador remain open and working full steam ahead!

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

Costa Rica certainly lives up to the literal translation of its name, "Rich Coast", with almost 300 beaches and warm waters all year long. Costa Rica is an idyllic destination with some of the best beaches in the world, from calm shores with pristine turquoise water to crashing waves and coarse black sand. It is home to some of the region's best surfing, and its warm year-round climate is perfect for those seeking to learn Spanish while soaking up some sun. 
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most populated country
UNESCO World Heritage Sites
miles of coastline (1,200+ KM)
Official currency
8 PM
Dinner time
million inhabitants

Where would you like to learn Spanish?


Santo Domingo de Heredia is perfect for those looking to learn Spanish in a quaint, small-town environment. Get to know friendly local ticos and live the pura vida lifestyle Costa Ricans are so proud of.
Visit Santo Domingo's famous Basílica Santo Domingo de Guzmán, relax in its charming plazas and take in the area's natural beauty. Learning Spanish in Santo Domingo de Heredia is a rich and intimate cultural immersion experience.


Discover Costa Rica with don Quijote

This Central American country is also renowned for its rich variety of plants and animals which inhabit their large network of national parks. In fact, over 25% of Costa Rica's land mass is under the protection of a system of national parks and reserves. They are the ideal places for those interested getting close to nature and engaging in activities ranging from watching nesting turtles on the beaches to going on stunning jungle canopy tours.

Even with the beaches and parks, it has been said the local people, known as ticos, are the nation's greatest asset. With an unparalleled friendliness and spontaneity, it reflects their unofficial national motto: pura vida (pure life), an expression of eternal optimism.

The bustling towns and cities in Costa Rica are brimming with vibrant and friendly energy all the way from San Jose, the buzzing capital city and cultural center, to Limon, a colorful city bursting with Caribbean flavor. Let Costa Rica immerse you in Spanish language and local culture.


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