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Learn Spanish in Spain

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Spanish Culture and Latin Culture

Widely known for Flamenco music and dance, bullfights, fantastic beaches and lots of sunshine, Spain has much more to offer than that. It is -and has been for thousands of years- one of the cultural centers of Europe.Learn more about Spanish Culture...

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José Luis Sampedro

The work of this Barcelona-born economist and writer strikes a harmonious balance between both science and art. Sampedro was until the very last day of his life a model for respecting personal ideas. This intellectual teacher left us with some of the most lucid work on the Spanish economy and also warmhearted novels. Join us and get to him better.

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César Manrique

Some people make a big impact on the world even if they don’t appear in the tabloids. Despite the fact that César Manrique died in 1992, he is present all over his island: Lanzarote. Manrique’s vision of sustainable growth and a harmonious balance between tourism and nature preservation is visible today all over the Canary Islands.

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Rafael Alberti

Rafael Alberti was a poet from Cadiz who was a fundamental member of the literary movement Generación 27, along with writers such as Federico Garcia Lora, Vicente Aleixandre, and Luis Cernuda among others. He was forced to live much of his life in exile during Spain’s Francoist dictatorship. In 1977 he became one of the first members of parliament after the dictatorship and in 1983 he received the Cervantes Prize.

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Antonio Machado

Antonio Machado, a Spanish writer from Seville, is probably one of the most popular poets of 20th century. As a member of the group Generación del 98, one of the most important themes running through his work is his concern for the state of Spain and his strong desire to educate his readers. He died in France at the very end of the Civil War and he became a symbol of freedom in the face of Franco´s official ideology. The publication of Joan Manuel Serrat´s 1969 tribute album to the poet helped popularize his poems. Gain a deeper understanding of the life of this unique Spanish literary figure by clicking here.

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Tips and curious facts about the Camino de Santiago

The Way of St. James is and has been for thousands of years a meeting point for pilgrims on spiritual journeys and for others pursuing a personal goal. Read on to explore the Camino de Santiago’s intriguing history, curious fun facts, and useful tips for anyone thinking of taking the journey themselves

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