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Mexican Customs

Mexican Customs

Discover the Mexican customs. Mexican culture encompasses a broad range of fascinating customs and traditions.

Mexican culture encompasses a broad range of fascinating customs and traditions. Varying cultural influences throughout history have extended the diverse nature of Mexican customs, of which origins lie in Aztec rituals, the Mayan civilization and European conquests.

The Roman Catholic Church is a fundamental part of many Mexican people's life, as too is the family unit. Many religious festivals, parades and celebrations that are centered around religion are also often celebrated with family.

The celebration known as 'La Quinceañera' is widely practiced in Mexican culture. Traditionally it involves a thanksgiving mass and a big party to celebrate the transition from childhood to womanhood.

A light-hearted, entertaining and emblematic Mexican custom is the Piñata. These papier-mâché containers filled with fruit and candies are most popular during 'Las Posadas' and for children's birthdays.

Bullfighting is also extremely popular in Mexico, and considered to be a well established part of Mexican culture. So too is cockfighting, which are staged in 'Palenques' throughout the country.

The traditions and customs of Mexico are varied and diverse. Each region has its own distinct celebrations and cultural practices, and every community has its idiosyncrasies. Mexican culture has evolved over time and possesses a unique flavor; this section will provide you with further knowledge of the various customs that form part of such a intriguing country.