Mexican Society

Discover Mexican society through the Mexican fashion, popular festivals and Mexican holidays, famous Mexicans, Mexican customs, Mexican food, and much more.
With over 100 million inhabitants, Mexico is home to a fascinating array of cultures and people, formed from enigmatic civilizations, colorful traditions, and a fascinating history. The vast size of Mexican society and its diverse nature means that it is full of contrasts, idiosyncrasies, and strong identities.

Although three quarters of people in Mexico live in urban areas — mainly due to mass migration to cities for the employment benefits — there is still a diverse range of ethnic groups, regional identities, dialects, and customs in Mexico. Indeed, there are also great disparities in wealth, access to education, and social status. Mexican culture is vibrantly diverse and resilient; there is a strong sense of pride connected to regional communities and their folklore and traditions.

With so much migration to cities, and also to the United States, the focus on strong regional identities and indigenous cultures is a cornerstone of society in Mexico. As the vast majority of Mexican people are mixed-race, the synthesis of European culture and Indigenous practices is commonplace in Mexico. Nevertheless, the conservation of Mexico's indigenous heritage as a part of Mexico's national identity is also considered extremely important.

The family unit is central to Mexican society, with large family groups often spending holidays and most Sundays together. Family gatherings that stretch across several generations are characteristic of Mexican holidays with tradition playing a key part, from Saints Days to patriotic anniversaries.