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Museums in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Museums

Museums in Puerto Rico. The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Puerto Rico and the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico are two absolute must-visits in San Juan.

Puerto Rico is a goldmine for culture, particularly art. The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Puerto Rico and the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, which are both located in San Juan, are two absolute must-visits, offering up a plethora of artworks to convert even the most ardent culture-phobes. The Museo de Arte houses art which dates back to the 17th Century, right through to some 20th Century pieces, with the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo offering something a little different, with its galleries packed full of sculptures, video and sound installations and mixed-media pieces, appealing to art-lovers of all ages looking to discover art beyond the traditional. Puerto Rico is also home to the Museo de Arte de Ponce, which features pieces from the 16th Century right through to the 20th; works by Rizzoli, Rubens and Cranach can be found here, as well as art by Puerto Rico's own Campeche and Oller, and even pottery pieces dating back almost 3000 years.

Children are able to immerse themselves in Puerto Rican museums just as much as the adults, and can particpate in anything from a Crafts Workshop or an art class at the Museo de Arte, through to merely enjoying the beautiful gardens and landscapes within which most Puerto Rican museums are set. For those looking for something a little more specifically Puerto Rican, the Galeria Alegria exhibits sculpture and art both from established Puerto Rican artists, and from those inspired by the island, with the Pamil Fine Art Gallery featuring both international and local figurative and abstract paintings.