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Puerto Rico Music

Puerto Rico Music

The musical rhythms of different people have blended together in Puerto Rico and have produced a variety of music styles.Learn more about Puerto Rico music

The musical rhythms of a rich diversity of people have blended together in Puerto Rico and have produced a variety of music styles. Sounds influenced by early African, Indigenous and Spanish Puerto Ricans can today be heard all over the island, and thanks in part to famous Puerto Rican artists such as Tito Puente, Ricky Martin and Marc Antony, these can also be heard all over the world.

Salsa is perhaps the most widely recognized sound produced by Puerto Rican musicians. Here, elaborate arrays of percussion instruments including bongos and congas drum patterns with African origins.

Puerto Rico also enjoys a strong tradition of folk music. Some folk styles draw on influences from its Spanish history, such as the folksy melodies of Jibaro music which are traditional among the rustic mountain dwelling communities of Puerto Rico. The Bomba is a percussive folk style from Africa. Originally played by slaves, these Puerto Rican songs involve a rhythmic dialogue of drummers and dancers.

More recently, reggaeton has emerged from the island's urban centers. What began in the 1990s as small local movement that fused reggae, rap and traditional Caribbean music, this style has found its way into the musical mainstream of North and South America and around the world.

From traditional to modern, from folk to pop and hip hop, Puerto Rican music has something for all musical tastes, a fact proven by its enormous popularity around the world.