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Event Calendar

Event Calendar – Spain & Latin America Culture

Spanish holidays. Find the most important holidays in Spain & Latin America 2011. Las Fallas, San Fermin, Holy Week, Cervantino, Tomatina...

In Spain and Latin America there are celebrations in every month of the year. When we plan a trip to another country we want to submerge ourselves in the culture and learn about its traditions. This event calendar includes all of the most important holidays so that you can plan your trip and live Spanish.

April 2015
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The footsteps of impressionism (Until April 29)

Until 29th April you can see the exhibition “Following in the footsteps of Impressionism" ( “Siguiendo la huella del Impresionismo,”) in Alicante´s Scientific, Literary and Artistic Cultural Association´s Exhibition Hall (la Sala de Exposiciones del Ateneo Científico, Literario y Artístico de Alicante) which includes 30 paintings by Jordi Jordá.

This exhibition gathers together a selection of this self-taught painter´s final works.

It is open Monday through Friday from 18:00 to 21:00.


The Jayhawks, en concierto. (Until April 9)

The American band THE JAYHAWKS are returning to Spain this April to give 9 concerts, 2 of them in Andalusia. They will perform in Seville and Granada. On April 8 they will be at the Teatro Quintero in Seville. The next day they will play at Sala El tren in Granada.


Sabina en Alicante

The Singer, Joaquín Sabina, will appear in concert at the Plaza de Toros in Alicante on April 9 at 21:30. This concert forms part of the tour "500 Noches Para Una Crisis". These are the first solo concerts of Sabina's after his last tours together with Serrat. From March to April of this year, Joaquín Sabina will perform 17 concerts in Spain before departing for Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador in May and June. These last concerts will mark the end of his commemoration of the 15th anniversary of his album, "19 días y 500 noches".



On 17th and 18th April from 21:00 onwards, Tenerife´s History and Anthropology Museum (El Museo de Historia y Antropología) will host the new edition of “Nocturnos de Primavera”(Spring Nights), which is entitled “ RESETEANDO LA MIRADA( RESETTING THE FOCUS- Tenerife´s photographic past)”.

There will be a small exhibition of collections on the above mentioned topic and a photocall to preserve the photos from the event for future generations to enjoy.

You will be able take a strange journey in time travelling back to the past through the medium of photography.

This project began in 2003 and it was designed for adults who wanted to improve their knowledge of music, history and literature. Each season of the year there were presentations on different topics.

These topics are always selected and relate to Tenerife´s history.

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