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Learn Spanish in Spain

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Event Calendar

Event Calendar – Spain & Latin America Culture

Spanish holidays. Find the most important holidays in Spain & Latin America 2011. Las Fallas, San Fermin, Holy Week, Cervantino, Tomatina...

In Spain and Latin America there are celebrations in every month of the year. When we plan a trip to another country we want to submerge ourselves in the culture and learn about its traditions. This event calendar includes all of the most important holidays so that you can plan your trip and live Spanish.

November 2014
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Sevilla European Film Festival (Until November 15)

The 11th annual Seville European Film Festival (SEFF) will take place from November 7-15. 120 short and full length movies will be shown in the festival's new home—the Nervión Cinema and in digital format. There will be more than one showing for each movie to accommodate the largest number of spectators possible.


In Concert: La Maravillosa Orquesta del Alcoholl

The Maravillosa Orquesta del Alcohol (Marvelous Alcohol Orchestra) folk-rock band will perform in Alicante as part of their "¿Quién nos va a salvar? (Who Will Save Us) Tour. The concert will take place on November 7 in the Sala Stereo. Opening for them wil be the band Suerte.


XII Festival de Música Española de Cádiz (Until November 29)

Over 30 concerts in different locations are scheduled to happen around the city of Cadiz. Classical, pop, and many more genres are to be performed. You can find complete information about the event (and an event program beginning on page 8) in the press release for the twelfth occasion of the Spanish Music Festival of Cadiz. http://www.juntadeandalucia.es/presidencia/portavoz/resources/files/2014/10/27/1414417010577DOSSIER%20PRENSA%20XII%20EDICI%C3%93N%20FESTIVAL%20DE%20M%C3%9ASICA%20ESPA%C3%91OLA%20DE%20C%C3%81DIZ%20-%2024%20octubre%202014.pdf


II Campeonato Mundial de Padbol (Until November 23)

A total of 7 countries will compete in the second Padbol World Championships being held in La Nucía, Alicante (Spain), proof that Spain won the event last year. Padbol is a fusion of football (soccer) and paddleball. Competition will be held at the Ciutat Esportiva Camilo Cano de La Nucía between the 20th and the 23rd of November. The first Padbol World Championships were held last year in Argentina. The 7 countries participating this year will be: Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Sweden, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. Competing teams are made up of 2 players, except for Spain who will have 3 since they are the defending champs.


La Bohème, de Giacomo Puccini (Until November 29)

Between November 25 and 29, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife’s Adán Martín Auditorium, one of Giacomo Puccini’s most famous operas is to be performed, La Bohème. This updated retake on the classic bohemian story will feature staging by Giovanni Scandella, music from the Symphonic Orchestra of Tenerife lead by Aldo Sisillo, and performances from the Teatro Comunale Luciano Pavarotti of Módena, Italy.



Juan Perro and La Zarabanda will perform at the twelfth Festival de Musica Española being held at the Gran Teatro Falla in Cadiz on November 29 at 9 pm. Tickets cost between €12 and €28.


San Andrés + Cacharros

This November 30, just like every year on the feast day of St. Andrew, barrels of new wine are opened and in Puerto de la Cruz the famous “cacharrera” is celebrated, when noisy kids drag metal pots and objects around town recalling the sound of the barrels once heard here which were taken down to the sea shore to be cleaned. The city fills with venders offering new wine, sardines, and roasted chestnuts for the enjoyment of locals and visitors.


Tablas de Icod
Icod de los vinos

On the night of November 30, in the town of Icod de los vinos north of Tenerife, local kids sled down hills on greased boards in a race that involves skill, balance, and bravery. To enjoy this festival, all you have to do is head to Icod, have a glass of new wine fresh from the barrel. Remember to also try roasted chestnuts, sardines, and other Canary classics.

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