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don Quijote - Instituto Cervantes Scholarships

Instituto Cervantes Scholarships


What are the don Quijote - Instituto Cervantes scholarships?

As an educational institution, one of don Quijote’s objectives is to promote the Spanish language in the world. The Instituto Cervantes is a public institution expressly dedicated to promoting Spanish and bringing the Spanish culture to the rest of the world. don Quijote and the Instituto Cervantes have partnered to offer students the possibility of getting a scholarship to study Spanish in Spain.

What does the scholarship consist of?

2 week Intensive Spanish course at any don Quijote school in Spain, enrollment fee and books. Courses are subject to availability which is why we encourage students to study in one of larger schools in Madrid or Barcelona.

The scholarship does not include accommodation or other extra services and is not valid for summer camps.

Who can get a scholarship?

Spanish students of all levels can apply for the scholarship at Instituto Cervantes center.

How will the scholarship winner be chosen?

Each Instituto Cervantes’ center that collaborates with don Quijote will select one scholarship winner. The selection process is exclusively determined by the director of each Institute Cervantes center.

What dates can you get the scholarship for?

The scholarship is valid for a course in 2013.

Additional requirements:

The scholarship recipient is required to write a short article about the city they have chosen to study in. The article must be a minimum of 4 pages and written with Microsoft Word in both Spanish and the student’s mother language.

The article should provide useful information about the city including, for example, history, monuments, recommended sites, interesting facts, etc. It should also include pictures of the school, activities they did and other places that illustrate their stay in Spain. The article must be turned in to their school director before the end of their stay.