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Spanish Christmas Songs

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Christmas in Spain is celebrated by singing special songs, called villancicos. They are sung at intimate parties with close friends, mainly by children who are the protagonists of the celebrations. Spaniards are people who love to get together with family to eat and enjoy each others company and sing Christmas Carols next to the Christmas tree or Nativity scene.

Christmas carols originated in the Middle Ages. Their Spanish name, villancicos, comes from the word villa, meaning city, where they first appeared. The songs were especially important during the Renaissance and the Baroque period in all of Europe, although their special religious significance made them particularly important in the Spain.

Originally, the villancicos were sung in any religious celebration, although over time they were slowly converted into simple Christmas carols, as they are known today.

In this section, we offer you a selection of popular Spanish Christmas carols (villancicos) so that you can learn and practice with your family this holiday season.

Click on a song to download it and also you can read the lyrics:

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