Spanish Lyrics

When we go jogging, when we're waiting in the car stuck in traffic, when we're feeling blue or low on energy... music comes to the rescue by putting rhythm in our lives and transporting us to a place without problems or stress.
Enjoying the music of some of the world's most popular singers means listening to music in Spanish. International stars like Ricky Martin and Shakira sing in Spanish (their mother tongue), but many non-Hispanic singers have also flirted with the idea of singing in Spanish to tap into the Latin market, one of the most important in the U.S.

To make the most of a song, it's not enough to hum or whistle along... we need to sing a duet with Joaquín Sabina, Alejandro Sanz, or Gloria Estefan.

Listening to music and reading the lyrics in Spanish is a great way to improve your linguistic knowledge, aural understanding, and increase your vocabulary. Learning while having fun is something we all aspire to, and with this selection of the most famous song lyrics, we make it easy.