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Spanish Sayings - Letter C

Popular Spanish Sayings

Saying: Cada loco con su tema
English: everyone has his hobbyhorse
Comments and History: Phrase used to reflect how much someone believes their own opinions. 

Saying: Caiga quien caiga
English: by hook or by crook
Comments and History:One of the most threatening phrases, means you have to pay for the best.

Saying: Cargar con el muerto
English: To be left holding the bag
Comments and History:According to medieval tradition, when a body was discovered in suspicious circumstances and it wasn't possible to identify the murderer, the town had to pay a fine called the homicidium or omecillo.

Because of this, to avoid paying the fine, people took the body to a neighboring village, so they could take responsibility.

Saying: Colgarle el sambenito (a alguien)
English: To give someone a bad name
Comments and History:Among the ancient customs of the Church and Inquisition, people showing their remorse were given a wax candle and covered in a woolen cloth that had been blessed by a priest. 

Hence it was called the blessed bag.

Saying: Comer de gorra

English: To sponge a meal
Comments and History:This saying dates from the period when students wore a cape and hat, during the Golden Age.

Like good students, they were greedy because of their exhaustion, which meant responding to the demands of university life. As many of them came from distant parts of big cities, they had nowhere to go when the hunger was unbearable.

For this reason, they had to use their intelligence to get things to eat. One of the things they did was to enter uninvited to baptisms, birthdays or important weddings, greeting everyone but staying silent during the ceremony in order to not get caught out, and noticing all the nice food that was served.

This type of "guest" were discriminatorily called capigorrones, from which came the expression comer de gorra.

Saying: Cría cuervos que te sacarán los ojos.

English: mind that you don't lavish your gifts upon the ungrateful
Comments and History:A warning that those who are rude will one day betray us.

Saying: Cuando el río suena, agua lleva
English: where there's smoke, there's fire
Comments and History:This expression means that when someone says something bad to someone else, there has to be a reason for it.

Saying: Cuando las ranas críen pelo
English: when pigs fly
Comments and History:Means never. I.e. there's little chance that frogs will grow hair.

Saying: Cuatro ojos ven más que dos
English: two heads are better than one
Comments and History:Decisions taken with someone else are the best. Only one can make a mistake, while more than one can see difficulties with more clarity.

Alphabetical index of Popular Sayings

A - 9 Sayings

A buen puerto vas por leña
A caballo regalado no se le miran los dientes

B - 6 Sayings

Bailar con la más fea
Bajar la guardia

D - 11 Sayings

Dar en el clavo
Dar gato por liebre

E - 13 Sayings

El hilo de la vida
El mismo que viste y calza

F - 2 Sayings

Favor con favor se paga
Fumar la pipa de la paz

G - 4 Sayings

Gajes del oficio
Gastar saliva

H - 7 Sayings

Hacer la vista gorda
Hacerse agua la boca

I - 5 Sayings

Ir de mal en peor
Ir de punta en blanco

L - 9 Sayings

La espada de Damocles
La excepción hace (o confirma) la regla

M - 5 Sayings

Más cale maña que fuerza
Mal de muchos, consuelo de tontos

N - 6 Sayings

No faltaba más
No hay dos sin tres

O - 3 Sayings

Obras son amores y no buenas razones
Ojo por ojo, diente por diente

P - 6 Sayings

Pagar los platos rotos
Parar el carro

Q - 5 Sayings

Quemarse las cejas (o las pestañas)
Querer es poder

R - 2 Sayings

Rasgarse las vestiduras
Roma no se hizo en un día

S - 6 Sayings

Sólo se vive una vez
Salir el tiro por la culata

T - 6 Sayings

Tal para cual
Tener ojos en la nuca

U - 1 Sayings

Una de cal y una de arena

V - 5 Sayings

Vamos al grano
Venir como anillo al dedo