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Spanish Sayings - Letter L

Popular Spanish Sayings

Saying: La espada de Damocles
English: A cloud hanging over you
Comments and History:According to Horacio in "Odas" and Cicerón in "Tusculanas", Damocles was a courtier of Dionosio I, El Viejo (4th century, AC), tyrant of Siracusa, who he was jealous of for his apparently comfortable life.

The king, with the aim of teaching him a lesson, he decided Damocles would substitute him during a banquet, but would place above his head a bare sword, suspended from a horse mane.

In this way, Damocles could understand the brevity and unstableness of the luxury of being monarch.

The phrase "la espada de Damocles" has been used for a long time, to express the presence of an imminent danger or threat.

Saying: La excepción hace (o confirma) la regla
English: the exception proves the rule
Comments and History:Almost all rules - particularly spelling - have exceptions to confirm the rules.

Saying: La fe mueve montañas
English: Faith will move mountains
Comments and History:Biblical phrase for when someone has unshakeable faith, they can achieve anything, as difficult as it may seem - like moving a mountain.

Saying: La Ocasión la pintan calva
English: Strike while the iron is hot
Comments and History:The Romans personified the goddess Ocasión as a beautiful, naked woman with wings, as a symbol of the brevity with which good occasions or opportunities would pass.

Saying: La tercera es la vencida
English: Third time lucky!
Comments and History:Optimistic expression that says after having failed twice, the next time will be successful. 

Its origin seems to be in vocabulary of fights, where the fighter who knocks his opponent down three times wins.

Saying: La unión hace la fuerza.

English: union is strength
Comments and History: Motto on the coat of arms of the Republic of Belgium and expresses idea of joint effort.

Saying: Leer entre lineas
English: to read between the lines
Comments and History:Know how to interpret what is said, even if it's not explicitly said in the text.

Saying: Lo cortés no quita lo valiente
English: courtesy and valour are not mutually exclusive
Comments and History:You can be caring and understand with soemone, without being demanding.

Saying: Lo que viene fácil, fácil se va
English: easy come, easy go
Comments and History:Criticism to power, success and wealth without any effort put in. As easily as they got it, they could lose it.

Alphabetical index of Popular Sayings

A - 9 Sayings

A buen puerto vas por leña
A caballo regalado no se le miran los dientes

B - 6 Sayings

Bailar con la más fea
Bajar la guardia

C - 9 Sayings

Cada loco con su tema
Caiga quien caiga

D - 11 Sayings

Dar en el clavo
Dar gato por liebre

E - 13 Sayings

El hilo de la vida
El mismo que viste y calza

F - 2 Sayings

Favor con favor se paga
Fumar la pipa de la paz

G - 4 Sayings

Gajes del oficio
Gastar saliva

H - 7 Sayings

Hacer la vista gorda
Hacerse agua la boca

I - 5 Sayings

Ir de mal en peor
Ir de punta en blanco

M - 5 Sayings

Más cale maña que fuerza
Mal de muchos, consuelo de tontos

N - 6 Sayings

No faltaba más
No hay dos sin tres

O - 3 Sayings

Obras son amores y no buenas razones
Ojo por ojo, diente por diente

P - 6 Sayings

Pagar los platos rotos
Parar el carro

Q - 5 Sayings

Quemarse las cejas (o las pestañas)
Querer es poder

R - 2 Sayings

Rasgarse las vestiduras
Roma no se hizo en un día

S - 6 Sayings

Sólo se vive una vez
Salir el tiro por la culata

T - 6 Sayings

Tal para cual
Tener ojos en la nuca

U - 1 Sayings

Una de cal y una de arena

V - 5 Sayings

Vamos al grano
Venir como anillo al dedo