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History of the Dominican Republic

History of the Dominican Republic

History of the Dominican Republic. Find our more information about the dominican history and its principal history facts of this caribbean country.

Like many of the Caribbean islands, the history of the Dominican Republic was fundamentally shaped by the arrival the Spanish in 1492. The island La Hispaniola, which now comprises of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, was the first settlement found on Columbus’ primary voyage to the Americas. Without doubt, the Dominican Republic’s history has been incredibly turbulent.

Previously, the island had been inhabited by a series of indigenous tribes, including the Taíno, Arawak and Carib people. However, with colonialism came a swift change in the societal structure and culture of the Dominican Republic. The indigenous population was gradually eliminated and in place European settlements were established, along with the importation of African slaves.

Whilst the Spanish presence decreased throughout the years, the English, and especially the French, grew ever more dominant. One of the most significant events in Dominican history was the outbreak of the Haitian Revolution and the subsequent Haitian occupation, which lasted for 22 years, until 1844, when independence was gained.

This independence, however, did not last for long; by the turn of the century the Dominican Republic had not only overcome restoration as a colony of Spain, but also occupation by the United States, which lasted under 1924.

Democracy lasted for 6 years, until a series of dictatorship dominated the recent history of the Dominican Republic. From the 1930s to 1990s Dominican politics was subject to extensive corruption and electoral fraud. It is not until recently, with the return of President Leonel Fernández, that the Dominican Republic has finally regained stability.

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