Food in the Dominican Republic

Find out more about the Dominican Republic food and drinks and the best recipe of this country.
Dominican food is a vibrant mix of cultures. The varying influences throughout its history and the different groups of people who have inhabited the island mean that Dominican recipes have a unique personality.

The rich and flavorful combinations of Spanish, Taíno, and African cuisines create some delicious dishes. Like in most Hispanic cultures, lunch is the main meal of the day for Dominicans. One of the most common recipes in the Dominican Republic is La Bandera, which is considered the national dish. It is a colorful meal that matches the colors of the country's flag and consists of rice, red beans, meat, and salad.

Sazón, or Sofrito as it is known throughout Latin America, forms the basis for a vast range of food recipes in the Dominican Republic. It is a sautéed mix of local herbs and spices that is used to bring out the flavors of the dishes.

There are some truly unique drinks in the Dominican Republic. Some of the most popular include Morir Soñado, similar to orange juice, Mauby, a drink made primarily from tree bark, and Mama Juana, an indigenous drink made from rum, red wine, and honey which is left to soak with tree bark and herbs. With its vibrant variety and flavorful combinations, the food of the Dominican Republic is definitely worth a try!