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Tamarindo Beach

The city of Tamarindo

Tamarindo Beach – a scenic beach that’s popular with surfers and great Baula turtles (it’s the world’s largest turtle-breeding area). Other favorite activities here are scuba diving and relaxing on the sand under the tropical sun.

Tamarindo Beach is – as the name suggests – a beach stretching several kilometers along the northwest coast of Costa Rica, popular with vacationers and Costa Ricans alike due to its white-sand beaches and crystal turquoise sea.  Tamarindo is very much an outdoors place: spend the morning surfing or scuba diving followed by a leisurely lunch at one of the beach front restaurants.

Further afield from the town, the northeast corner of Costa Rica has an amazing amount of things to see and do. Explore the nearby jungles and rainforests, home to a great number of spectacular wildlife, like birds, mammals and reptiles. These areas are particularly beautiful during the wet seasons, when rainfall feeds life to the vegetation, making the environment very lush.

Tamarindo maintains a tropical climate throughout the year, with average daytime temperatures mainly in the high twenties (low eighties in Fahrenheit). There are two seasons: dry, which lasts November to April, and the wet season between May and October, during which the area boasts particularly impressive sunsets. Tamarindo is also home to the great Baula turtles, which lay their eggs at the beach during the dry season, making the area the largest turtle-breeding area in the world.

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