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Learn Spanish in Dominican Republic

Learn Spanish in Dominican Republic

Study Spanish in the Dominican Republic and discover an island of extraordinary natural beauty and generous hospitality. don Quijote is offering some fantastic destinations and courses which will enable you to learn Spanish in the Dominican Republic in a truly stunning setting.

Spanish Schools in Dominican Republic

Spanish Courses in the Dominican Republic

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  • Accommodation
  • Money & Costs
  • Dominican Republic's Map
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  • Host Family (Only in Santa Domingo) - stay with one of the carefully-selected Dominican families, in a single room with shower/toilet on a half-board basis.
  • School apartment - both schools offer the chance to stay in a school apartment which is self-catered in Santo Domingo and breakfast only is provided in Sosua.
  • School Studio (Only in Sosua) - breakfast only is provided.
  • Hotel - alternatively, you may wish to stay in one of the 3 or 4-star hotels nearby.

Currency: Dominican peso (DOP$) Meals

  • Low: US$5-8
  • Mid: US$8-20
  • High: US$20-35
  • Low: US$20-70
  • Mid: US$70-150
  • High: US$150-300
  • Deluxe: US$300+

The Dominican Republic borders Haiti on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola. In the Dominican Republic you can experience the very best of what the Caribbean has to offer. With 900 miles of unspoiled coastline you will feel like you are in tropical paradise, with white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and palm trees galore. The lack of development on the island makes it a perfect haven for wildlife and in its crystal waters you can enjoy some of the very best snorkeling and scuba-diving around whilst marveling at the technicolored wonders that live beneath the waves. The Dominican Republic is a cultural melting pot comprising many European and African influences. The result is an exciting mix. One of the most famous cultural exports is Merengue music, a fast and lively dance beat that from its traditional roots has gone on to take the world by storm.

When Spanish sailors began to explore the New World around the 15th Century the Dominican Republic was one of the first places they settled. As a result, the island has claim to one of the oldest cities in the New World in Santo Domingo, where the cobbled streets and original buildings are abundant with colonial charm. It is a city of firsts, boasting the first hospital, the first sugar mill, and the first cathedral on this side of the world. With its rich and eventful history the Dominican Republic has more to offer than other countries in the Caribbean, making it a truly tropical and cultural paradise.

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