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Tango Lessons in Argentina

Tango and Spanish Classes in Argentina

Argentina is known worldwide for many things, one of these is its famous rioplatense dance: the tango. It is a sensual and highly complex dance which is normally accompanied by music performed by a sextet. The songs are usually sad, speaking about the troubles of love; however some songs refer to politics and others even incorporate some humor.

The song lyrics include a wide range of slang words pertaining to the port areas of the city ofBuenos Aires. This slang, called Lunfardo, is spoken with a peculiar accent and has an obvious dropping of the "s" sound, it also contains some unique vocabulary.

Your experience in Argentina learning Spanish and tango and visiting the typical cafes where tango can be seen will be unforgettable: You will live the real spirit of Buenos Aires.

We offer you the opportunity to take a Spanish course and also attend tango classes. You will learn that tango is not only a dance but a way of life. Many cities offer local tango shows as well as specialized bars where you can practice both Spanish and your new tango moves.

For more information about taking tango classes while learning Spanish, please contact us.

2014 prices and practical information

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  • Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza
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    Price List

    per week € 295

    Practical Information

    DurationFrom 1 week
    Frequency20 Group classes + 8 Dance classes
    ClassesMaximum 7 students
    Start datesAny Monday, all year round
    LevelAll Levels
    Age RangeMinimum 16 years old
    Minutes per lesson55

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