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The city of Sosua

Information about the City of Sosua in Dominican Republic | donQuijote

For many people the Dominican Republic is the perfect place to have a holiday; a paradise of sun, sand, and beaches all year round. For Cristóbal Colón (Christopher Colombus) it was the most beautiful place he had ever seen and he gave it the name "La Española" whereas the inhabitants used to call it "Quisqueya", which means fertile Mother Earth.

The modern name of the island is "Hispaniola". It is divided into two countries: the western half is Haiti whose languages are French and Creole; and the eastern half is the Dominican Republic where Spanish is the language spoken.

The country offers a variety of unique natural treasures in the Caribbean: a lush subtropical vegetation, fertile valleys and mountain ranges more than 3175 metres high, hundreds of kilometers of beaches of white sand flanked with palm trees and with an amazing turquoise sea.

In the north of the island there is the city of Sosua. It is famous for diving and for its beaches. Despite the modest size, Sosua is an international city with a large expatriate community who keep it clean, safe, and ready to be enjoyed.

Despite the fact that the area has always been inhabited, its actual founding was dated when Jewish refugees from Europe arrived having escaped the repression. Their traditions and festivities have been maintained until today, although a part of that community has moved to the capital Santo Domingo. Sosua maintains a synagogue and a museum dedicated to Jewish traditions.

Sosua is 25km to the west of Puerto Plata, capital of the province of the same name, and 15 minutes to the east of Cabarete, a great place for windsurfing and kite surfing off the Dominican Republic. Time in Sosua would allow you to enjoy yourself and experience the best of the city and of the Caribbean coast.

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