10 Private One-to-One Classes

Learn Spanish quickly and effectively with 10 private and fully customizable classes per week. Your teacher adapts to you, your interests, and your abilities so you can focus on developing the skills that will help you use Spanish in your personal and professional life. Gain a better understanding of the language and get the conversation practice you need to feel confident communicating in Spanish.


Exclusively dedicated to your progress


These private classes are for students who want to learn Spanish based on their own abilities and go at their own pace. They seek to use every minute of time with their teacher to get the best results, and are interested in personalized classes with the schedule of their choice.

These private classes are designed for those who seek individual help. The students who choose these classes know how important it is to learn Spanish and improve their communication skills comfortably with one-to-one sessions.


In our private One-to-One classes, you’ll have a teacher dedicated only to you and your progress. This type of teaching will help you learn Spanish more quickly: you can spend all your time practicing what you need, improving your communication skills, and or learning new content. Gain confidence using your Spanish in different situations by using these classes to complement your intensive Spanish course.

With 10 weekly private classes, you will see how your level of Spanish and your communication skills increase with each lesson. Tell your teacher what topics you’re interested in and we will organize the classes to your liking.


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Prices for the 10 Private One-to-One classes

1 to 4 weeks from 240$* per week

+5 weeks from 210$* per week

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My teacher was excellent in all ways. She was able to assess my level of Spanish quickly and create opportunities for me to continually improve, while always keeping me challenged. She spoke clearly, encouraged me to correct errors I made, and helped me understand new vocabulary without changing into English. We spent several days in the classroom, and then she suggested exploring Madrid together… the cafes, museums, vistas, etc., which made my learning even more meaningful. My communication continued to improve, as did my appreciation of the beautiful Spanish culture.

DOLORES (Student - Madrid)

I wouldn´t trade this experience for anything in the world. Granada stole my heart with its breathtaking architecture and infectious culture. I learned more Spanish in 12 weeks at don Quijote than I had in the past 4 years. The teachers used special materials and techniques that ensured my academic success. Thanks to don Quijote and my new friends for making this experience possible.



My favorite part of this learning experience was having my morning coffee by the Mediterranean Sea. I´m passionate about architecture so I enjoyed strolling around Barcelona and discovering the different ways the city was built. The food and the wine were incredible. The courses are well organized and the teachers helped me any time I had questions or concerns. 


Living in Alicante was one of the best learning experiences I´ve ever had; I couldn´t get enough of the beautiful city.  It has great beaches and a lot of amazing things to do. I truly like the teaching methods of the professors. They took you step by step and made sure you didn´t fall behind. I loved my host family because they were so generous and helpful. We would sit down together to eat a homemade lunch to talk about Spain and what was currently going on the news. My experience was amazing and unforgettable and all thanks to don Quijote and the people of Alicante!


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