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Our Intensive 20 Spanish program consists of 20 weekly classes and is perfect for students who are eager to learn Spanish in a short period of time without sacrificing the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the local culture. Our experienced teachers focus on student participation and interaction by using real-life situations and topics to increase students’ ability to develop authentic language skills that are useful in the real world.


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Students who pursue the Intensive 20 Spanish Program are looking for a flexible program that allows them to experience a full linguistic immersion by giving them extra time to explore the city and culture.

Some students also like the added flexibility the reduced class hours give them because they can mold the program to their own needs by adding private classes or an internship program. Students particularly value having time to experience the culture and language both in and out of the classroom.

The students who prefer the Intensive 20 course are looking for a dynamic and interactive Spanish course with flexibility. There are 20 classes a week with a lot of free time for those who want to visit the city and discover new places.


This program includes 20 weekly group classes which generally take place in the morning in small group classes with a maximum of 10 students and an average of 6 students. The classes are focused on oral expression and comprehension, as well as written communication and interaction, all of which are essential in learning a new language.

You will be placed in your correct Spanish level following an oral and written placement test that you will take the first day you arrive at the school. We start every level every Monday. At the end of the program you will be handed a certificate documenting your progress, hours completed, and level of proficiency achieved.

This program is offered in all locations in all don Quijote schools in Spain and most of our destinations in Latin America.

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1 week from 140$*

2 weeks from 280$*

3 weeks from 420$*

4 weeks from 540$*

+5 weeks from 120$* per week

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I wouldn´t trade this experience for anything in the world. Granada stole my heart with its breathtaking architecture and infectious culture. I learned more Spanish in 12 weeks at don Quijote than I had in the past 4 years. The teachers used special materials and techniques that ensured my academic success. Thanks to don Quijote and my new friends for making this experience possible.


Living in Alicante was one of the best learning experiences I´ve ever had; I couldn´t get enough of the beautiful city.  It has great beaches and a lot of amazing things to do. I truly like the teaching methods of the professors. They took you step by step and made sure you didn´t fall behind. I loved my host family because they were so generous and helpful. We would sit down together to eat a homemade lunch to talk about Spain and what was currently going on the news. My experience was amazing and unforgettable and all thanks to don Quijote and the people of Alicante!


My favorite part of this learning experience was having my morning coffee by the Mediterranean Sea. I´m passionate about architecture so I enjoyed strolling around Barcelona and discovering the different ways the city was built. The food and the wine were incredible. The courses are well organized and the teachers helped me any time I had questions or concerns. 


Study abroad at don Quijote has changed me as a person. I came back with a new perspective on life and with a new language under my belt. Madrid is the capital of Spain and has stunning historical buildings and a beautiful royal palace. This is a great starting point from which to explore the rest of Spain.


At the beginning of October, I spent my third time on Tenerife for a two-week course with don Quijote. My teachers were Mayra and Lauris. Both of them designed their classes didactically and interesting, therefore entertaining, flexible and appropriate for the learning level of the group. They are professionals. The lessons were fun and I learnt a lot without being overwhelmed. Within my group there was always a respectful togetherness.


HANS AMELIA LUCAS ZOFIA Eberhard from Tenerife
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