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Learn Spanish in Mexico

Learn Spanish in Mexico

Study Spanish in Mexico and discover a vast country of incredibly-diverse landscapes and rich cultural traditions. don Quijote offers a number of destinations and Spanish courses which will enable you to learn Spanish and experience the variety of regions Mexico has to offer. 

Spanish Schools in Mexico

Spanish Courses in Mexico

(The schools also offer a wide range of additional courses. These are: Volunteer Program, DELE Preparation, Spanish for Spanish Teachers, Professional Programs, Kids Programs, Spanish for 50 and over, Christmas Program, Spanish & Salsa, Spanish & Cooking, Spanish & Scuba Diving, Spanish & Kite surfing).

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Host Family - stay in a single or shared room with breakfast only or half board catering in the home of a carefully-selected local family.

Student Residence: Available in Playa del Carmen and Oaxaca with breakfast only provided.

Shared Student Apartment - stay in a single or shared room with access to a fully-equipped kitchen, laundry room and shared bathroom. No meals are included.

Currency: Peso Meals
  • Budget: US$2-8
  • Mid-range: US$8-20
  • Top-end: US$20 and upwards
  • Budget: US$10-20
  • Mid-range: US$20-70
  • Top-end: US$70 and upwards

Mexico has it all: sparse desert landscapes, snow capped peaks, crumbling ancient ruins, bustling modern cities, beautiful colonial towns, exclusive luxury resorts and empty tropical beaches. Whatever your personal tastes, Mexico will have something for you. It is a vast country, by far the biggest in Central America, and this is reflected in the huge variety of scenery, people and cultures that can be witnessed throughout its many regions. Mexico is home to around 60 distinct indigenous peoples that have managed to retain their strong identities largely thanks to their rural isolation. As a result, everywhere you travel within Mexico is bound to provide something different and throw up new surprises.

The desert covered north that forms a frontier with the USA could not feel more different when compared to the air-conditioned splendor that lies on the other side of the border. This however, is what makes Mexico such a special and exciting place to visit as the cultural differences will constantly keep you interested and capture your imagination. Further south you can scramble over Mayan ruins nestled in thick jungle accompanied by the soundtrack of an array of exotic wildlife. Mexico City is the country's capital situated right in the center. It is the third largest city in the world and is filled with contrasts as grand colonial buildings appear next to modern glass skyscrapers. If the hustle and bustle gets too much for you though, why not head to the magnificent beaches Mexico has to offer on either its Pacific or Atlantic coasts and relax whilst sipping a cool margarita. Mexico is literally a traveler's paradise.

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